3rd and 4th generations of market


In 1910 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vine opened a meat market in the small town of Centreville, Mississippi located on the Wilkinson / Amite county lines in Southwest MS just about 45 miles north of Baton Rouge, LA.

In July of 1919 Mrs. Vine got on a train one morning and went to Jackson, MS to the Methodist Children’s Home. She picked out a 6 week old baby boy from the many to choose from, and returned to Centreville that night. To Mr. Vine’s surprise when he came home from his meat market that night, he was presented a new baby boy. He explained to Mrs. Vine that the baby boy must be returned to Jackson the next day. The next day it rained, and Mr. Vine said she could return the baby the following day. The following day Mr. Vine was attached and said we will keep the baby boy. The baby would be called Benny Vine. A second generation of meat market was in place.

Mr. Frank Vine died in 1939 and Benny went into the marines in 1941. Benny returned in 1946 and operated the market until his death in 1971. The business was sold.

Benny had 4 Sons. One was Don. Don worked at a paper mill and had a desire to continue the market business.

In 1977 the 3rd generation was born. Don built a new market with an old time smokehouse. He had watched other sausage plants use cheap cuts of meat, liquid smoke, sawdust smoke, and make cheap smoked sausage.
Don started his business on 3 principals –

Quality, Service, and Cleanliness

He would not sell anything that he wouldn’t eat at his home table.
Vine Brothers Quality Meats makes a smoke sausage from the finest cuts of premium pork. It’s blended with Don’s secret recipe, with quality herbs & spices.
Vine Bros. Smoked Sausage is smoked with green hickory wood from the woods of Southwest MS for days.

Vine Bros. has 36 years of Quality sales. We have people drive for hundreds of miles to get this smoked sausage. Maybe it’s possible you have never tasted good smoked sausage, maybe you have only had packing house smoked sausage.
Our sales extend to many states and people call daily to say that they have never tasted smoked sausage so good.

Don has 5 children who are grown, and now the 4th generation is beginning its journey of carrying on the Vine family tradition of providing quality services and meats to its loyal customer base across the country. We want these wonderful products that are slow smoked the old fashion way to be shared with everyone looking for quality, great tasting meats.